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wholesale Hot Cats ® catnip toys
Sell the most potent catnip toy on the market - one that brings customers across town to buy them by the handful! HOT CATS develop a loyal following of connoisseur kitties - and the people who love them.

Packages of Hot Cats single link toys
Deluxe Hot Cats toy - a 4-link string

  • Stuffed with pure catnip - no fillers - you can feel the generous 1/2 cup of herb in the single link size. The Deluxe is lavish - 1 1/2 cups of catnip in a 4-link shape that provides even more action and fun.

  • Eye-catching design - Hot Cats come in a bright assortment of eye-catching colors, patterns, and prints, including bright stripes and florals. Your customers will love picking out the perfect one for each cat.
  • Tough - will withstand mauling - Sturdy denim twill fabric is carefully sewn by our kitty elves. Your customers will be amazed how this toy stands up to wild cat antics.

  • Fresh and Potent - We're purrsnickety about using only certified organically grown #1 quality catnip leaf and flower - not the "toy grade" (sticks & stems) found in other toys. Even though our cellophane packages seal in the aroma, most cats will smell the difference right through the bag.

  • Customer Loyalty - You'll be amazed at the return business. Once they try them, your customers will come back regularly for new Hot Cats - and we guarantee they'll have Hot Cat tales to tell. To see some fan mail from our satisfied customers, click here.


NEW - Playtime catnip Mist with catnip essential oil.


Certified organic catnip herb - packaged and bulk.

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